Content Writing & Blogging

Content Writing & Blogging

Content has remained a key factor in online success because online communication is heavily dependent upon written words. Search engines use words to rank web pages, and websites use words to influence and persuade customers. Tiny Dog Agency is based in Stratford-upon-Avon, a leading web design and development agency uses the power of words to inform, engage and persuade customers. Our skills allow us to produce content which increases sales, builds your brand reputation and increase your customer base. Whether it is the homepage of a website, an advertisement, or a promotional post on social media, we focus on using the right words to create the desired impact on customers.

Influence and Persuade

Every business website uses content to convince visitors to purchase their products, but not all businesses succeed in converting words into sales. The key factor here is how you convince customers. Our content writers use creative writing alongside attractive descriptions, and well-presented facts to engage and convince customers of the worth of your products/services.

Some of the techniques our content developers use to make a piece of writing influence your customers include:

  • Focusing on your target audience
  • Use of power words to generate specific emotions
  • Benefits of the product
  • Providing facts that help in making the purchasing decision
  • Encouragement to buy with call to actions

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

As search engines use words to rank web pages, SEO becomes crucial to provide visibility to your website. Using targeted keywords, meta tags, meta descriptions, and other optimisation techniques, we can make your content rank high on search engines.

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